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Getting Techy With Kym Douglas

Getting Techy With Kym Douglas

Tablet Teddy Bear – www.tabletteddybear.com
• Designed to hold kids Ipad, tablets, nooks, and ALL OTHER GADGETS.
• No more losing the expensive toys you just bought! • Fits ANY size tablet on the market today – arms and legs are bendable! • Able to watch anything, without having to lean over a desk or table. • NO more bending and neck strains for kids. • Designed specifically to help with body and posture.
ISO MP3 Flatiron For Hair – www.isobeauty.com
• Upload your favorite tunes.
• Load up to 1gb on flatiron. • Contains a variable heat control – up to 450*. • Nano ceramic technology w/embedded tourmaline crystals. • Keeps hair smooth and frizz free without causing any damage.
Pulse By Felt Audio – www.feltaudio.com
• Portable speaker syncs with you cell phone to play music & take phone calls.
• Doubles as a clip-on accessory for your clothing! • Completely hands free and sounds AMAZING! Get additional tips from lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas at KymDouglas.com. Follow her @KymDouglas and like her on Facebook.

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