Getting Organized with Jill Simonian is a leader for its great discounts on kid's clothes, but it also has a great selection of home and kitchen items including everything you need to organize your life. Starting Jan. 14 and running three days, Zulily will feature six organization events with these items and more. Zulily's sales last 72 hours and items are on average 50% off. Sign up for free at or download the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Macbeth 20-Pocket Shoe Organizer in Coral and Mint
This chic system hooks over the top of a closet, bedroom or bathroom door for easy, out-of-the-way storage. Its 20 sizable pockets are perfect for keeping shoes, cosmetics and accessories accessible and organized.
Retail: $30.00
zulily: $14.99

Macbeth Collapsible Trunk Organizer
On-the-go organization has arrived. This collapsible trunk organizer makes it easy to keep groceries and other goods in order and stop them from tipping over in the back of the car.
Retail: $24.00
zulily: $12.99

Macbeth Medium Zippered Storage Box
Neatly stash anything from hand towels to toys and magazines in this handy and fashionable storage box.
Retail: $14.00
zulily: $8.99

Whitmor Hippo and Monkey Collapsible Storage Cube
Help your child stay organized with this fun and functional Whitmor storage cube.
Retail: $16
zulily: $7.99

Few Simple Things We Can Do Around The House To Stay Organized?

  1. Do laundry every few days. If you wait for it to pile up you'll become a laundry slave on weekends… which clutters your home and takes up TIME you could use doing something else. Throw in a load at night during dinner or while you are watching TV. Don't Let Laundry Pile Up – Do It Every Few Days
  2. Pick up nightly before you go to bed - including loading/dishwasher! If you pick up the toys, shoes, blankets, etc each night before you turn in, you wake to a clean house. My rules are: Clean living room and kitchen before bed, no excuses. When I wake up, dishes are clean and look of living room is stress-free. (I even make it a rule to load dishes into washer after every meal so that sink stays dish-free throughout day.) Pick Up Nightly Before Bed
  3. Don't touch bills more than twice when they come into your home. When I get a bill, I open it and look it over right away to make sure nothing stands out such failure to credit for a payment, incorrect charges, etc. Then, I set it aside in my 'file' where I keep all bills and then make it a point to PAY IT within 3 days. Don't Touch Bills More Than Twice!
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