Lawrence Zarian's Tips to get Your Man to go Shopping

Renowned fashion & lifestyle expert Lawrence Zarian shares his top tips to get your man to go shopping!

1) Never go shopping on the day of a sporting event. It’s football season, ladies that means sunday is off limits.

2) Set a timeline – if he knows yoyur shopping expedition is only going to take an hour, he won’t feel like it’s taking up his entire day.

3) Most men love clothes but hate shopping, make the process easy for them.
a. Go into his closet and look at the sizes.
b. Go early into the store, and have 5 or 6 jackets pulled, so when hubby gets there he walks right into the dressing room.
c. Multitask – while he’s trying on the first batch of items, hit the floor and look for more.

4) Be very complimentary of the pieces that look good on him!

5) Make sure there’s a reward at the end for him.

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