Ken Wingard adds dimension to your wall with fun retro décor.


  • Thin yarn
  • Large frame
  • Small frame
  • Fabric scissors
  • Materials for hanging


  • Steamer


1. Decide where you want to hang this piece, mark the placement and add the screws or other desired hardware so that you don’t have to hang with all yarn in the way. Center the smaller frame inside the larger one.

2. Remove any hooks or alligator clips on the back side of the frame.

3. Cut long strands of yarn of the first color of yarn you’re using. Each section will be one solid color of yarn.

4. Use a lark’s head knot to attach one color of yarn to the top of edge of the frame. Fold the strand in half, loop it through the frame, feed the tails into the fold and pull taut.

PRO TIP: Make sure you’re to tie on all of your knots in the same direction because it will look strange.

5. Attach another color of yarn to the bottom edge of the frame. Repeat steps 4-5 with the other frame.

6. Hang the frames on the wall the larger one first then the small.

7. Steam the strands of yarn that are curly from the center of the skein of yarn if desired.

8. If you want a straight cut look, use fabric scissors to trim the yarn and enjoy!

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