Game Day Party Ideas with Jill Simonian

Face painting station – when they show crowd shots from the super bowl, I guarantee there will be plenty of people sporting their team colors. Why not join in the fun with your very own face pain.

Half-time games – offer people a chance to take a break from the tv, get up, get active and burn off some of those treats they’ve been eating during the first half of the game. Have some games for people to play, such as:

Football tossing contest – have guests toss football through a hula hoop or into a basket. Use sponge or foam balls so kids can play too. The person who gets the most scores during halftime wins a prize.

Half-time show trivia: - write up half-time show trivia questions on paper and place them in a container. The host starts the game by pulling out a piece of paper and reading the question – whoever gets the answer right gets to read the next question. Whoever gets the most right by the end of half time wins. Question example: Who had a wardrobe malfunction during her half-time show? Answer: Janet Jackson.

Super Bowl themed party favors – have something fun for your guests to take home.

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