Celebrity Hairstylist Jonathan Colombini drops by with the latest in summer looks for your hair!

There's nothing more relaxing than a day on the beach or at the pool — but it's the exact opposite for your hairdo. Between the chlorine, salt water and harsh sun, summer can wreak havoc on your hair. Luckily, i’ve got the three best looks for  easy post-beach or pool styles that will keep you looking fresh. And all you need is 5 minutes and a few bobby pins!    

Look 1: Beachy Waves: 
first we have our beachy waves look. A great way to keep chic and beautiful during the summer is to use wet hair as a styling accessory. Gather your wet hair into a loose top bun and secure with bobby pins. Tug a bit on your bun to make it messy and pull a couple of pieces out from the sides so that it will have a very natural look when it dries. Let it dry and then remove the bobby pins, letting the messy bun release and fall naturally. Then using your fingers (not a brush or a comb) tousle your waves and you’re ready to go!

Look 2: Messy Top Knot: 
your hair's more vulnerable to damage and stretching when it's wet, so don't subject it to tight elastic bands, try twisting back sections of hair and securing them with bobbi pins you can also rake your hair back with your fingers, coil it into a beachy topknot or anchor it with a fabric pony holder, a snag-free clear elastic and/or bobbi pins. Just keep the look loose and tousled!

Look 3: The Messy Chignon:
i love styles that purposefully look a little undone because there’s no pressure to have a shiny, slicked back finished product–if you miss a few pieces or position the bun slightly off center, it just adds to the effect. 

Tips provided by Celebrity Hairstylist, Jonathan Colombini, @Jonathan_Colombini