Get ready to head outdoors and get active!

Note: Finding time with your kids is tough. Here are two great fun exercises that are enjoyable for both you and the kids! And it's for kids with any fitness level!

Arm/Leg tag:
Description: everyone stands in an area marked with cones in 4 corners. When i say go, the participants run around and try and tag someones arm or leg. When they get tagged they either put their tagged arm behind their back or hop on one leg. Once each arm and leg has been tagged you are out of the game. This really focuses on coordination and cardio, along with some healthy competition!

Targets here are arms and legs. This helps with coordination, with balance, you also engage some serious core, and then of course the fun element too. Kids love competition and this is a great game to integrate that into it.

The Mini-Circuit Relay:
The rules are simple. You have to rotate through 3 stations twice to get through the full circuit.

Station #1: 5 jumping jacks, then you hop to station #2
Station #2: 5 crunches, then you crawl to station #3
Station #3: 5 push ups, then you run to station #1

Focus: Fun plymoetrics (kids love to jump around), then they crawl, so they’re changing different plains, which means they’re engaging different muscles, then you have crunches working on your abs and your core, then they run to pushups, which is all upper body strength.

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