Felted Wool Soaps with Sophie Uliano


  • Wool Roving
  • Bar of Soap
  • Nylon Stocking
  • 2 Medium sized bowls
  • Ribbon

Soap lasts twice as long wrapped in the wool, rather than left on the rack to get goopy and washed away by the shower water. Wool acts as a natural exfoliator that is gentle on your skin. And the best part is that wool is a natural antibacterial, so you don’t have to worry about cleanliness of your soap!


  1. The wool roving is available at any craft store and will come in a bundle. Pull at the wool roving until you get a thin sheet. Place the soap bar in the middle. Wrap each flap of the wool roving round the soap and tuck in the ends.
  2. You need to make sure the layer is enough so that you cannot see any soap peaking through. But, if you use too much, it will start clumping on the soap. So, use just enough to cover the bar.
  3. Buy more than one color of wool roving. Cut the wool into strips and wrap the strips around the first layer of roving. During the felting process the colors will blend in with the white base layer of wool and you will get that marbled look.
  4. Fill each bowl with water, one hot and one cold. Start by dripping a little bit of hot water over the wool roving. Drip just enough to dampen it, not to drench it. Then we will press the wool together.
  5. Place the soap bar in the stocking and tie it off. Dip the bar in the bowls of water, alternate hot and cold water.
  6. Gently rub the soap bar in the nylon stalking as though you are washing your hands.
  7. Continue this for up to half an hour. Periodically, unwrap the bar from the nylon and administer a “Pinch Test.” Try to pull the wool away from the soap. When it stays taut to the soap, you are finished.
  8. Allow to dry completely.
  9. Wrap the bar in ribbons, attach tags, or place it in decorative bags, and your Felted Wool Soap is ready for gifting.
Sophie Uliano's Felted Wool Soaps

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