Ken Wingard shows how a make a family-size faux fur blanket.


  • Faux fur fabric in various colors and naps, the nap is the length of the fur
  • Faux fur fabric in various colors and naps, the nap is the length of the fur
  • Chalk or other fabric marking tool
  • Quilting ruler
  • Sewing machine and thread


1. Lay your pieces of faux fur down on the floor and cut them down to two large rectangles and two smaller rectangles that fit together to create a large rectangle.

PRO TIP: Using a quilting square to draw directly onto the back of the faux fur will be easier than cutting a paper pattern to use!

2. Now pin and sew each smaller rectangle to a larger rectangle. You should have two even larger rectangles.

PRO TIP: A straight stitch should work just fine, if you’re having trouble sewing through the faux fur, loosen the tension and elongate the stitch length on your machine until it’s easy to sew.

3. Sew the two rectangles together with a seam down the middle to finish the patchwork.

4. Now that you have your over-all shape, use the quilting square to square up the huge rectangle you’ve created. Trim any excess material that is making the shape lopsided.

5. If the blanket is too big for just one piece, cut two large pieces of fabric for the backing of your blanket to the size of your patchwork.

6. Pin and sew the backing pieces together.

7. Pin the backing and patchwork together face to face.

8. Sew all the way around the edge of the blanket except for 2’ on one side so you can flip the blanket right side out.

9. Either stitch the blanket closed a ladder stitch using a needle and thread or leave the bottom open, put some buttons in and use it as a duvet cover!

10. Enjoy!

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