Farmer Frightful's Tricks or Treats Market Stand

Ken Wingard is turning a normal stand into a fun and frightful DIY just in time for Halloween.
Farmer Frightful's Tricks or Treats Market Stand
Outdoor Decor
Seasonal Event:
Halloween, Fall


Main Farm stand Steps:

  1. Start by cutting all your fence panels to the dementions of the included build plan.
  2. Lay the larger back wall flat and attach the two sides walls using shelf brackets at both the top and bottom using screws.
  3. On the front facing inside edges of the bottom of the side panels, screw in two 12" long 2" x 4" boards. Flush with front edge.
  4. Attach the main front board, screwing into the 2"x4" boards. Your stand can now be placed upright
  5. Once upright, place the roof on top (be safe get extra hands if needed). Attach the roof with shelf brackets from underneath to sides and back.

Large sign making steps:

  1. Use a piece of wood, or section of fence panels the size you want for your sign. Ours was 14" x 40"..
  2. Print out our sign image included, or your make your own.
  3. Cut out and glue on with mod podge. For aging effect, mix the mod podge with a bit of brown paint.

Spooky and Fun items for sale:

  • Create the illusion of "full to the brim" baskets and bins for sale with false bottoms. Cut a piece of foamcore to fit inside and attach 3 to 4 inches lower than the lip of the basket or bin, now add material like leaves or hay so looks full.
  • Top off the basket or bin with stacked fun stuff to make "trick or treater's laugh, like plastic rats, spiders or brains.
  • Be traditional with plastic fruit or veggies, but add a Halloween spin making some "poisoned". Spray paint a batch black and drip hot glue blobs all over for creepy effect.
  • An optional tip, hot glue all the stacked items together so your baskets or bins stay looking great all month long.

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