Ken Wingard is crafting the perfect gift for upcoming Father's Day with this DIY, a family name plate.


  • Plastic tub
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Letter blocks
  • Embellishments
  • Plaster of Paris
DIY Name Plate - Home & Family


1. Fill a tub with a few inches of sand and water until the sand is wet but not gushing

2. Arrange your letters into the name shape you want

3. Position any decorations you want on the plaque

4. Mix and pour Plaster of Paris over entire surface

5. Let dry

6. Remove and finish as you desire

Tip: Use sturdy letters with a least 1-inch depth

Tip: Smooth Plaster of Paris with the edge of a postcard

Tip: Use embellishments that fit your theme

Tip: Wood or plastic letters are available at craft stores

Tip: Dried nameplate can be painted and/or sanded

Tip: Hang with durable hardware

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