Fall Wreaths in Less than 30 Minutes with Ken Wingard

Monogram Fall Wreath
For the monogram, incorporate initials in chocolate brown (or whatever color meets your theme) that spans the center of a wreath of orange and yellow fall leaves. I incorporated ribbon to tie in the leaves with the lettering. Here’s how I made mine:

Monogram Wreath Materials Needed:
Wreath form
Fall leaves Card stock Scissors Ribbon Steps:

  1. Attach leaves to wreath form using glue gun. Work around the wreath form having leaves point outward.
  2. Using a home printer, print out the monogram on card stock, 1 initial per page.
  3. Cut out monogram with scissors.
  4. Attach to wreath on top of leaves with glue gun.

Modern Fall Wreath:
For the mod wreath I used cork coasters, scrap booking papers and spray glue. You can use any non-traditional materials to create your fall look. Follow your imagination. This is what I did:

Modern Wreath Materials Needed:
Wreath form
Coasters Assorted decorative papers Spray glue Utility knife Steps:

  1. Spray coasters with glue.
  2. Attach paper to each coaster.
  3. Cut around coaster with utility knife.
  4. Glue coasters to wreath form, overlapping and stacking to create depth.
  5. Cut a length of paper and fold into ribbon shape.
  6. Attach ribbon with glue.
Fall Wreaths with Kenneth Wingard

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