A DIY from Ken Wingard


  • Pumpkin(s)
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Leaves


1) Print out desired message in a size that will fit across the 2 pumpkins

2) Place printout on top of carbon paper and tape to front of pumpkin

3) Trace message

4) Remove printout and fill in with black paint.

5) Fill the bottom of your wheelbarrow with your filler, to about 2/3rds

6) Position a large and small can next to each other on filler

7) Drape burlap over filler and cans, tucking it in around the sides so no filler is seen.

8) Place each painted pumpkin on a can

9) Fill in around pumpkins with smaller pumpkins and gourds

10) Spread fall leaves around and in between pumpkins

11) Soften edges by draping vines around the perimeter.

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