Everyday Things You've Been Doing Wrong

What You’re Doing Wrong #1: Messy Popcicle
How you’re doing it wrong: No matter what, you're going to get popcicle juice all over your hands. On hot days, they melt faster than you can eat them!

How to do it right: Pierce a hole in a cupcake wrapper and slide up the popcicle stick. It acts like an upside down umbrella, collecting all the sticky juices and keeping you clean!

What You’re Doing Wrong #2: Torturing Yourself While Breaking-In New Shoes
Problem: Enduring the pain while slowly breaking in your new shoes…we often just walk and walk and walk until they become bearable!

Solution: Put on a thick pair of socks and then put on your shoes. Aim a hairdryer at the shoes, concentrating on the tighter spots. Wiggle your toes and feet around. Keep them on while they cool. Remove the socks and test out the shoes. They should be stretched out, but if not, just repeat the process! The entire process can take under 5 minutes!

What You’re Doing Wrong #3: Eating Chinese Food From The To-Go Box
Problem: When you’re eating your Chinese on-the-go, and don't have any plates it can be tough eating right out of the box. The sides of your hands get greasy digging deep into the takeout box and if you're sharing, you always need to pour the food into communal plates.

Solution: The box is designed to become a makeshift plate! Just fold the takeout box's sides down and get right to eating!

What You’re Doing Wrong #4: Cleaning Your Blender
How you're doing it wrong: You reach down with the sponge, accidentally cut yourself on one of the blades. Emergency room, maybe.

How to do it right: Squeeze some soap into the blender with some warm water, whirl then rinse. It will get soap into every single nook and cranny!

What You're Doing Wrong #5: Peeling Potatoes
How you're doing it wrong: Using the standard peeler can take forever. Life's too short for that!

How to do it right: After boiling the potato, put into cold water for 5 minutes. Twist the potato skin off with your hands; it should come right off.

What You’re Doing Wrong #6: Making BLT Sandwiches
How you’re doing it wrong: There isn't bacon in every single bite.

How to do it right: Basket weave the bacon! It completely covers every square inch of sandwich surface so you get equal bacon/sandwich ratio in each bite.

Everyday Things You've Been Doing Wrong

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