What Mom Corps Helps Returning Mothers To Consider:

  1. What they want to do vs. what they are realistically prepared to do.
  2. Identify and develop Transferable Skills.
  3. Resume Building (Use the variety of experiences you 
engage in as a mother as the basis for you work 
  4. Writing Cover Letters.
  5. Interview Techniques (phone, video, and in-­‐person)
  6. Looking the part (hair, attire, how to carry oneself)
  7. Networking (where, when, how)
  8. Entry Stage Employment: Getting your foot in the door: 

  9. Volunteerism
  10. a. Apprenticeship Within Desired Industry
  11. b. Ground Floor Jobs To Get Started
  12. Shifting one thing at a time -­‐ e.g. try the same role in a different industry or a different role in the same industry, but don't try to re-­‐enter the workforce by making a change in both!

Every mother has developed skills she doesn’t immediately relate to the work place. We call these transferable skills. Identifying them helps build an effective and accurate resume for today’s interviews. Some of these skills are:

  • Project Organization (Maybe you are part of the PTA 
and organize projects for your child’s school)
  • Party and Event Coordinating (Small at home parties to large school winter carnivals, bake sales, car washes)
  • Budget Management (Many women don’t know how effective they are with budgeting but they do it every day)
  • Travel Coordination (for husbands, school trips, camp excursions, holidays)
  • Troubleshooting (Problems arise with home repair and cars – always at inconvenient times)
  • Problem Solving (Children in conflict at school or in the neighborhood)
  • Interact with Difficult Personalities (Neighbors, other parents, trades people etc.) 

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