Emily Brandwin's Tips Before Traveling Overseas

Everyone is making products containing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking technology. Credit Cards/Debit Cards contain tiny computer chips/radio antenna to transmit account information. While these cards are convenient they are also vulnerable to being skimmed. Crooks can get basic card skimming technology and all of your account info can be stolen in seconds without you knowing it.
Travel Smith RFID Blocking Passport Wallet $55T

Firebox RFID Wallet

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RFID Hidden Travel Neck Wallet $20

RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves $10

RFID Blocking Passport Sleeve $10

3M Laptop Privacy Filter $36.23

Doberman Travel Defense Alarm $12.97

Travelon Travel Socks $16.99

Zip R Lock Purse Security Clip $6.95

Quilted CROSS BODY Purse $39.67

REI Double Cable Lock $17.50

TSA Sentry Locks
Using Travel Sentry Approved locks allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities without damage. Each lock has a special code, which is used by the TSA, CATSA and other security agencies to know which tool to use to open the lock. Every security screening location at all US, Canadian and now many other international airports are able to open the lock and then relock it after inspection.
Lewis & Clarke Locks $9.40

Lewis and Clark Triple Security Travel Lock $12.99

International Travel Safety with Emily Brandwin

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