Emergency Preparedness Kit Information

3 Types of Major Disasters:
1. Severe Weather/Flooding/Debris Flow
2. Fires 3. Earthquakes Basic Emergency Preparedness Kit:
1. Food and water for 4 people for 3 days
2. Food – what kind of foods to store 3. Water – how to sanitize 4. First Aid Kits 5. Sanitation and Comfort 6. Lighting Items 7. Radio 8. Personal Safety Items 9. Tools Augment supply kit based on own individual needs. Mark on your calendar to check it every 6 months, or as needed.
Biggest Mistakes Made During an Emergency:
1. Driving through flood waters 2. Standing near windows 3. Not evacuating when told to 4. Opening doors to a room on fire
Common Sense To Do's:
1. Store photos of loved ones and important documents in a waterproof container. 2. Prescriptions – Always take home 2 sets, one for use and one for the kit. Rotate as you renew your prescription. 3. Pet supplies – food, crate, pictures of pet in case they get lost, immunization records 4. Under the bed kits will keep a family member safe when evacuating a house. 5. Car Kits will keep a family member safe if emergency hits on the road. 6. Shut off your utilities at the main valve. 7. Keep your car fueled. 8. HAVE A PLAN! - What is your exit strategy? Where will you meet if separated? Practice your plan every three months. Get your emergency supplies here:

Get more emergency tips and advice here:

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