Orly Shani's tips for giving your cardigan a dazzling upgrade.
Embellished Cardigans
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Embellishing trim
Needle and thread, fabri-tac or iron
Thin cloth if ironing on
Straight pins if sewing


  1. Decide where you’d like to place embellishing trim, measure out the length of trim needed.
  2. Cut the trim to length.
  3. Attach the trim to the cardigan. How you do this depends on the type of trim you’ve got.
    • To attach iron-on trim, iron it on with a thin piece of fabric covering the trim and cardigan, flip the cardigan over, place a piece of fabric over to cover and iron again.
    • To sew the trim on, pin the trim in place first with straight pins. Tie a knot at the end of your thread and whipstitch along each edge of the trim into the fabric. Knot to secure at the end.
    • To glue the trim on, apply glue to the backside of the trim on each edge, press to secure. Work in small sections.
  4. If you’ve glued, allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before wearing. Enjoy!

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