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Erase Deodorant Stains With Pantyhose
Have you ever gotten deodorant on your shirt while dressing in the morning? Jeannie does, all the time. Next time you have pantyhose with a run, save them for this. Then, rub the white deodorant spot with balled-up pantyhose and the mark disappears instantly. The stretchy fabric “catches” the deodorant and lifts the stain instantly. You can also use pantyhose to clean candles, and suede.
Remove Clothing Stains With Dishwashing Liquid & Peroxide
The next time there’s a wine spill, or a mustard or ketchup catastrophe on your favorite shirt, use a simple 50%-50% mix of dishwashing liquid/peroxide to eliminate the stain instantly! First, blot the stain with a damp cloth. Then, use the spray, and rinse in water. Works on any colorfast materials to lift virtually any stain.
Replace Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets With Balls Of Aluminum Foil
Never spend another cent on dryer sheets! Simply take aluminum foil, ball it up, and place it in the dryer with wet clothes. It will remove static + lasts for four-six months. Also, adding ¼ -½ cup of white vinegar to your wash is a cheap alternative to fabric softener, too! For a nice fragrance, you can add 3-4 drops of essential oil to a damp facecloth and throw in the dryer.
Use Peanut Butter To "Fix" Burnt Gravy & Eliminate Food Odors
Add smooth peanut butter 1 tsp. at a time, to scorched gravy, until the burnt flavor is gone. Peanut butter takes away the burnt taste from gravies without changing the original flavor. Peanut butter also eliminates the smell of frying fish, too. When frying up fish in a pan, add a dollop of peanut butter. It won't affect the taste of the fish, but it will affect the odor – peanut butter contains properties that absorb that stinky fish odor, so your whole house doesn't have to.
Get Rid Of Salt Stains
If your shoes or boots are stained with salt from trudging through winter streets, simply dip a cloth or an old T-shirt into white vinegar and wipe away the stain. It's that easy! The acetic acid in the vinegar will dissolve the salt deposits without damaging the show. This works on leather and suede.
Simple Trick To Keep Your Boots In Shape
Place an empty wine bottle in tall, floppy boots to keep their shape.
Use Toasted Oats Cereal To Remove Odors From Coffee Grinder
The great thing about a coffee grinder is that it can be used for more than just a cup of Joe. Many people use the machine to also grind spices. The only downside is that you can find yourself sipping a coffee that tastes a little like rosemary, or whatever else you recently diced inside. Simply place toasted oats cereal (like Cheerios) in the grinder, grind for 30 seconds, wipe clean – and the smell wil be gone.
Cut Heating Bills: Put Cardboard In Aluminum Foil Behind Radiator
Wrap a large piece of corrugated cardboard (about 3 feet by 3 feet) in aluminum foil (shiny side out), and place it behind your free-standing radiator. The foil will reflect the heat, and you won't have to keep telling your landlord to turn up the boiler.
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