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Easy Photo-Op Wall

Easy Photo-Op Wall

Orly Shani has a fun party prop that you can make at home.
  • Craft or butcher paper (white)
  • Logos
  • Tape, Gluestick or adhesive sheets


1) Search online for the logo you want and print it out.

2) We’ve alternated Oscar with our Home & Family Logo but you can use your family name or use an image you like. Like a crown!

3) Tape white butcher or craft paper to a wall or a curtain rod. Use as many rows as you need to create the size you want. One regular roll gives you a 24in x 65in strip. 48” is perfect for couples, 72” is great for groups.

4) Size your logos to print about 6-8” wide. Print out the logos.

5) If you print onto full size label sheets you won’t have to tape them. Otherwise trim out your logos and tape them in evenly spaced rows or alternating patterns.

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