Drought Tips from Shirley Bovshow & Sophie Uliano

Conservation Gardening with Shirley Bovshow
Reduce or replace a water-thirsty lawn with low water plants. Lawns need 1-2 inches of water per week to look healthy, while low water plants use 60% less water. Create large raised or mounded garden beds and plants with drought tolerant plants, this will look nicer than flat garden beds. Create walkways in the garden using gravel, bark, stepping stones or decomposed granite to fill the void. Create sitting and dining areas within your garden for an interactive experience and to be close to nature.
You can still have flowers – rosemary, lavendar – they are used to being in hot dry climates. Still give flowers and fragrance throughout the year. California just declared emergency state, so you should be conserving water. Start planting these now if you are in a non-freeze area. You can plant now and have something pretty to look at in summer. Alternative Plants include:
• Carex pansa
• Elfin thyme • Dymondia • Dichondra • Chamomile There are many plants from Mediterranean region and Australia that are drought tolerant and attract nature’s ornaments like butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Always incorporate plants of different heights, colors and textures Ornamental Grasses:
• Pennisetum
• Festuca • Flax Shrubs:
• Lavender
• Sage • Statice Ground Covers:
• Lantana
• Arctotis • Armaria Vines:
• Bougainvillea
• White potato vine What Can You Do For A Plant That Is Dying Due To Drought?
If your plant is not drought tolerant and you are in a drought, you have to wait until there is no chance of any cold snap…trim it back at that point and water it. Then you have to wait for it to re-cover. You’ll start seeing stems come back to life. If it shouldn’t be in full sun, move it to a spot that gets less sunlight.
Sophie Uliano's tips on Water Conservation
Always turn off the water when shaving, shampooing and brushing your teeth. Also, limit your shower to 5 minutes max!

Drought Tips for your Garden

Only use your dishwasher and washing machine when they are completely full! Only take a bath as a LUXURY! It’s a waste of 20 gallons of water! Place a bucket under the faucet when you are waiting for water to heat up. Use that water for your yard or plants. Never hose off your patio or driveway. Use a sturdy brush instead.

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