Dr. Michelle Cohen's Tips For Great Family Dinners

• Turn off the television, radio and cell phones during dinner.

• Have family dinners at least four times a week. • Enjoy positive conversation during the meal. keep the topics light, but allow your children to express themselves. give positive reinforcement to your kids for having good table manners and praise them for their positive. • Behaviors, and other accomplishments in school, sports or other activities. • Make dinner together an "argument and criticism free" zone. • Involve all your children in the conversation. • Keep it simple. family meals don't have to be elaborate. work salads and vegetables into meals. keep serving sizes under control. • Know your kid's favorite meals and cook them on a rotating basis. • Get the family involved. spend an hour eating dinner, conversing, and cleaning up together (let kids help prepare meals and set the table) For more information on Dr. Michelle Cohen, log onto our facebook page: and check out more tips she has on family dinners!