Dr. Lindsey Duncan's picks for the top healing "Superfoods" for 2013

1. What do pine trees and menstrual cramps have in common? If you've ever dealt with painful menstrual cramps you'll want to learn more about the natural active compounds in pine tree bark extract! Learn more at

2. Why is that the French consume fattier foods, smoke more cigarettes, drink more alcohol, yet have less heart disease than America? The answer is in the wine. Find out about the incredible natural compound called "Resveratol" in wine that some claim is the "fountain of youth" on

3. Who doesn't want more energy and mental clarity? Skip the sugar, ditch the caffeine and reach for the Rhodiola Rosea root, which is thought to help you rest and relax better so you always wake up ready to take on the day! Learn more at

4. Are you trying to steer clear of a cold this season? You might try this "superfruit" that delivers 15x more Vitamin C than oranges. The amazing Sea Buckthorn berry from Asia is one of nature's most potent immune supporters and the bonus is that is also thought to help strengthen hair, skin and nails! Find out more at

5. Why do South Americans call this superfruit the "pharmacy of the amazon"? Because it's been used in local traditional medicine for numerous benefits from healthy energy to healthy libido. Find out how cacao's cousin, the Cupuacu fruit, can support your health goals at

6. Who would have thought that raspberries pack a potent punch for tightening up your waistline? These superberries contain a natural compound called "ketones" that help the body burn fat for energy! Recent research suggests that raspberries might just become your new best friend, find out more at