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Top Five Facts About Pet Obesity:
Pet Obesity is the number one health threat to pets.
2. Can cause bone-deteriorating disease in dogs and diabetes II in cats.

3. Millions of dollars are wasted in unnecessary medical bills and procedures because of obesity.

4. 53-54% of pets in America are classified as over weight/obese.

5. Health Breakdown of Common Pets: Dog: 60-70% is Diet, 40-30% is Exercise / Cat: 90% Diet is diet, 10% is Exercise

Tips for a Healthy Doggie Diet:
1. Measure your dog's food - the guide on the back of the most common brands of dog food is made for dogs in their most demanding life stages (for example a dog during pregnancy needs more calories). That means you could over feed your dog by as much as 30%.

- Consult your vet - take into account age, size, breed, life stage, activity level. - 4 days of week use convenience bagged/can food. For the other 3 days cook yourself a balanced meal of whole foods, raw and unprocessed and share that with your pup.


Treats - There is more fat, sugar, and calories in treats than ever. - Treats are so dense in calories it's like you eating 2 donuts - 3 times a day and you are feeding your baby half a dozen donuts a day! - Give Veggie and Fruit treats! - Carrots, celery, blueberries!


Table Scraps - It's a losing battle to not share your food with your pet, especially during the holiday, but there are sensible choices. - For you: Pumpkin pie; For Fido: cooked pumpkin chunks - Avoid fried/breaded foods, and don't share the pizza! - Dog can have lean meats portioned into 1" cubes as a treat. For cats give Salmon or Tuna Exercise:
1. It's harder for humans and pets to get outdoors during the winter in areas that are colder and as daylight hours are shorter.

2. Animals get Cabin Fever, too! - Most behavioral problems can be solved with exercise!

3. Indoor activities for smaller dogs that canst handle the cold:

- Play chase - just like a toddler, pups love to be chased and then chase you! It's a great way to burn some energy. - Find the Food Game - take several small dishes and portion out your dog's food. Hide the dishes around the house and send Fido on a Scavenge Hunt! - High/Low Game (Doggie Squats) - Prompt your dog to rise on his hind quarters and then squat low to the floor using his food as an incentive. Guess what? Your pup is doing squats! - Remote and mechanical moving toys provide hours of exercise and fun!


Outdoor activities for larger (and smaller) dogs: - WALK! - It is the BEST thing you can do! - Insulated Booties and Vests - protect your pup's body from the cold and his feet from hard chemicals and salts on the streets - Acclimatize your animal to the cold. They have sensitive nervous systems just like we do!

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