Dr. Eris Huemer's REALationship Contract

I. How much time do you want to spend • I – alone:
• We – couple alone:
• Us – Couple plus others:

II. Living Environment

• Location(s). Where do you live? Do you live together? Do you live Separately? • Space: What does your space feel like and look like? (Does one person like gothic, modern, cottage style, etc). • Private space: • Responsibilities: (Chores)
III. Finance. How much of your capitol goes to

• Mine: • Ours: IV. Recreation
• I: (I enjoy doing ________. I want to spend this amount of time doing ________).
• We: (We enjoy doing ________ together. We want to spend this amount of time doing ________ together).

V. Parenting

• Primary Caregiver Responsibilities • Child duties: (Who is responsible for what) • Discipline • Essential Parent "Me" Time Visit Dr. Eris Huemer at and follow her on Twitter @doctoreris. Watch " LA Shrinks" on Bravo.
How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden