Double Duty Beauty with Kym Douglas

- Add 1 teaspoon to your morning smoothie to speed up your metabolism.
- Rub a little on the palms of your hands and pat down any fly away hairs plus it adds a little shine to your hair too. - Add some on the tops of your nail beds to strengthen nails. - Add to your cuticles to moisturize. - Take it the shower with you and rub on rough spots like elbows, knees, heels. EGGS
-Tightens skin.
-Kills bacteria. (Another ingredient of egg whites, is lysozyme, is known for its skin properties compensation. Lysozyme is in fact an enzyme, which acts to digest the bacterial cell walls.) -The clear consistency of the mask makes it easy to wear while making breakfast for the kids or doing work around the house instead of a heavy noticeable clay mask. BEETS - Lip stains from the department stores can be pricey and contain harmful chemicals.

- Beet juice is a great way to absorb some of its nutrients while also have a toxin free lip color! For more information and tips to Double Duty Beauty visit or for any of the products visit: for coconut oil visit, or for the egg separator.