Donna Tetreault's Kids' Art Keepsakes

Hanging Art:
Hang art from "yard sticks" bar or a drapery bar on wall- this allows you to switch out the artwork as they grow and create more.

  1. Two yard sticks glued together to form a drapery bar.
  2. Rulers or protractors glued to hold rubber bands and clips.
  3. And some adhesive to put it onto the wall.

Place Mats:
Laminate art into place mats.

  • Take into a Staples or Kinkos. They laminate it for you onto a foam core board.

Art Books:
Art is scanned into smaller versions and put into books that you can have forever- they are great for coffee table books and gifts for grandparents.

Finally, if you're not displaying your child's art, you can always store and label it in a plastic bin or Tupperware to save as new art comes in. Be sure to check out Donna's parenting website over at

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