Ken Wingard, Orly Shani, and Paige Hemmis are each making a DIY using only Dollar Store items.

Materials for Orly's DIY Hat-Bag

  • Plastic Tote with Straps
  • Sun hat
  • Fabri Tac
  • Velcro Stick Tabs

Materials for Paige's Fork Chandelier

  • Plasticware
  • Wire Hanging Basket
  • Wire Candle Holder
  • Galvanized Wire
  • Hot Glue
  • Twist Tie

Materials for Paige's Photo Holder

  • Small Garden Fence
  • Twine
  • Glue
  • Clips

Materials Ken's Wall Sconces

  • Metal Dust Pans
  • Candle Holder, Tea Lights
  • Clean Mop
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • Hot Glue
Dollar Store Challenge - Home & Family

Directions for Hat Bag

-Cut the straps from your plastic tote bag
-Glue the cut ends of the straps to your hat’s brim
-Glue half of the velcro strip to the top arch of the strap
-Glue the other half of the velcro strip to the inside of the hat so that the strap lays flat when you put it on

Directions for Fork Chandelier

-Use the galvanized wire to attach the wire candle holder to the bottom of the wire hanging basket. Set aside.
-Use hot glue to attach twist ties to the top of the forks. When it is cool, use your finger to bend the twist tie so it becomes “hangable”
-Hang the forks around the basket in even rows
-Be careful that when you hang it, it is in a place that is not going to be knocked. For extra hold, you can reinforce the forks with a little hot glue.

Directions for Photo Holder

-Glue the twine on either end of the garden fence so that it hangs loosely
-Put clips across the twine - this will be where you hang your photos!

Directions for Wall Sconces

-Cut the string ends of the mop and hold them together in a group
-Place one string across the center of your group, and double the rest of the strings over it
-Take a second loose string and tie it around the center of your doubled over strings so that it creates a loop of strings around the first individual string. This creates your tassel

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