Orly Shani is taking ordinary zippers and turning them into festive mini-Christmas trees!


  • Green or red zippers
  • Felt or foam core
  • Pin backs
  • Hot glue / fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Desired embellishments
  • Optional: pins


1. Cut felt/foam core into the shape of your design
a. Option to use anything that is malleable

2. Tree: Fold zippers along your design and glue down with hot glue
a. You can use pins to hold in place as it dries, if using fabric glue

3. Candy Cane / Wreath: wrap zipper around design and glue along the way

4. Be sure to keep any excess pieces of the zipper in case you need it later

5. Use desired embellishments to cover any imperfections

6. Be creative and incorporate any unused parts (EX: zipper for tree stump or buckle for top of ornament)

7. Glue down pin back with hot glue gun

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