DIY Woven Storage Baskets

Orly Shani shows you how to give your storage baskets a fashionable upgrade.


  • Wicker blanket basket
  • Chunky yarn
  • Crochet Hook
  • Safety Pin
DIY Woven Storage Baskets - Home & Family


For the fringe basket:
1. First decide if you prefer to have a weaving technique or not

2. To weave attach the safety pin to the end of the yarn & tie a little knot

3. Then start weaving your yarn onto the holes of the basket

4. You can even do a criss cross technique to make it look like a lattice design

5. Next, it’s time for your tassels

6. Take the yarn of your choice & decide how long you’d like it to be (it should be a little longer than how you would like it so when you make an even trim later it comes out to the size preferred)

7. Then just start looping the yarn into that size over & over again. Once you’ve got it to the thickness you prefer, take the yarn & tie it around the top

8. Cut the bottom of the yarn loop in half at the bottom to create the fringe look

9. You can attach the tassels to the basket either through the weave you made earlier, or you can just tie to the inside of the basket

10. Do this as many times as you’d like & into whatever shape you would like

11. To create the braid, all you’re going to do is gather up multiple strings of yarn & braid them together. Then ties the ends up with the yarn

12. You can either hot glue the braid onto the basket or attach it with yarn by just tying to the inside of the basket

For the loop basket:
1. First make sure you get yourself a nice chunky yarn

2. You’re going to take your crochet hook & attach the yarn to the hook

3. Start on the inside of the basket by tying a knot & then pull the yarn through the basket

4. Push the yarn back through the basket using the hook

5. Repeat along the basket for as many loops as you would like to make

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