• 8 -18" Pipes (All The Galvanized Pipes Will Be Standard 3/4" Which You Can Get At The Local Hardware Store)
  • 4 - 36" Pipes
  • 1 - 30" Pipe
  • 6 - Tee Couplings
  • 8 - Floor Flanges

1. All of the pipes and fittings are standard off the shelf parts available at most hardware stores.

2. There is no standard workbench height; custom making is a great way to create one that's most comfortable for you to work on.

3. Match the bench to your body height and the work you are going to be doing.

4. To match to your height try to make the top of the bench even with the bottom of your shirt cuff.

5. You can customize to the space you have available (garage space).

6. Building your own is cost efficient

7. You can also adjust the size and use this as a computer desk for yourself or your kids.

8. If this is something you are making to go outside, you could also use PVC instead, it is cheaper.

Get the visual directions for Mark's DIY Workbench here>>

How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden