Orly Shani’s DIY Wooly Wall Art is helping dress up our walls for fall.
DIY Wooly Wall Art
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Chunky yarn like merino, Columbia, Rambouillet, or Corriedale wool
Chicken wire
Tin snips or 10” wire cutter
Backless frame
Staple gun
Tape, heavy duty like duct or gaff
Fabric scissors
Desired hanging hardware if not provided on frame


Existing chicken wireframe


To create your frame, staple two layers of chicken wire to the back of the frame. One layer with the straight lines of the chicken wire vertical, one layer with the straight lines horizontal. Cut off any excess with tin snips or wire cutters.

Cover the staples and edges of the wire with a thick tape.

Now you are ready to weave the yarn! If doing a word, weave the word into the chicken wire first. You can weave either around and around horizontally to give the letter texture or just weave a strand of yarn through certain points to create the letter with a flat appearance. Cut the excess and tie a knot in the back to finish off each piece of yarn you weave in.

Fill in the frame as much as you like by looping yarn in and out of the chicken wire, as if it were a giant needle punch. Tie a knot at the end of each piece of yarn.

Hang as desired and enjoy!

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