Ken Wingard is taking plywood and turning it into the perfect outdoor holiday decorations.


  • Plywood
  • Stencils
  • Joint Compound
  • Leather
  • Ceiling Fan Blade Brackets
  • Table legs
DIY Wooden Reindeer - Home & Family


1. On plywood draw body of reindeer (free hand or google reindeer body shape)

2. Cut out body shape

3. Place stencil on plywood

4. Apply joint compound over the stencil, then remove stencil

5. Once dried, paint reindeer

6. Apply antique stain if desired

7. Attach table legs to base of reindeer using screws

8. Cut out ears from leather material

9. Screw ears onto each side of reindeer

10. Take Fan Brackets and screw on to each side of the head to create antlers.

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