Ken Wingard is taking a wood block and turning it into a decorative snowflake.


  • Wood Block
  • Wood Decorative Legs
  • Wood Knob
  • Beads
  • Bamboo Sticks
  • Dowel
  • Drill
DIY Wooden Bead Snowflake - Home & Family


1. Drill 1/4" hole in ends of decorative leg

2. Drill ¼" hole on 5 sides of wooden block

3. Connect decorative leg and block using a dowel

4. Drill a ½" hole through sides 2nd ball closest to the outside on the wooden decorative leg

5. Place dowel through hole and place three 1" wooden beads on each side

6. Secure by gluing ½" ball on the ends of each side

7. Repeat on all four snowflake branches

8. For the center of snowflake use a large wooden knob and drill holes on four sides

9. Secure bamboo sticks inside holes with hot glue

10. Stack ¾" wooden balls until entire bamboo stick is covered. Secure with hot glue.

11. Connect to square base with a dowel

Tip: The center of the snowflake can be used as smaller snowflakes

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