Ken Wingard brings the magic of winter indoors.



      1” x 6” or other desired widths cut to:

      • 16”
      • 20”
      • 22”
      • 24”


        1” x 10” cut to:

        • 36” x1

        1” x 2” cut to:

        • 36” x4


        • Wood glue
        • Nail gun
        • White paint
        • Gray paint
        • Paintbrushes
        • Masking tape
        • Gaff or duct tape
        • Glitter tulle or other sheer ribbon
        • Jigsaw
        • Sandpaper
        • Pencil


        • Chop or circular saw
        • 1 ½” screws and power drill



          1. Measure out your cuts and cut all your wood. Make as many houses as you want but remember you only have 36” of width and room for three tracks.

          PRO TIP: All of the straight cuts can be done for you at the hardware store.

          2. To create the peak of each house, mark the center of the wide face of the plank at one end. Measure down on each side how many inches you want to cut off the corners. Use a straight edge or speed square to create a connecting line from the mark on each side to the center.

          PRO TIP: You can make asymmetrical peaks as well, have fun with creating different angles!

          3. Use a jigsaw to cut the corners off of the plank, now you have the peak of your house!

          4. To add windows measure and mark 2” w x 2 ½” h rectangles inset at least 1” from each edge of the house at whatever height desired.

          5. Use a drill bit slightly bigger than the blade of your jigsaw to make a hole in a corner of each window and cut the edges out with the jigsaw.

          6. To create the base with tracks apply wood glue to the bottom of each 1” x 2”, secure the 1” x 2” to the base with a nail gun. Use the pieces of wood you’re using for the houses as a spacer between each 1” x 2”. If you’re painting leave a little extra room so the pieces can still fit.

          PRO TIP: If you don’t have a nail gun you can use 1 ½” screws and a drill from the bottom up so you don’t see the screws.

          7. Paint everything white. Allow to dry.

          8. Paint a 1” gray border around the edges of each house. Allow to dry.

          9. Tape the sheer ribbon behind each window.

          10. Place the houses in their track, remember they.

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