DIY Winter Trampoline Oasis with Paige Hemmis


  • Trampoline from your backyard
  • 5-6 pool noodles- $1-$2/per noodle (to cut and place around metal on trampoline)
  • Foam padding for base over trampoline bed- $10
  • Blankets/comforters/sheets from your own home to hide trampoline legs
  • Pillows from your own home
  • Christmas lights from your home
  • Linen netting to hang from the ceiling- $20-$25
  • Hook to hang net from ceiling


  1. Dis-assemble backyard trampoline (or carry in house if you can fit it through the door).
  2. Re-assemble trampoline if necessary and place against a wall.
  3. Cut pool noodles down the middle with a pocket knife and place around outside of all metal on trampoline.
  4. Screw hook into the ceiling to hang mosquito netting, hang net over trampoline.
  5. Place padding or comforter in bottom of trampoline, cover with a sheet or table cloth that will drape over legs of trampoline.
  6. Place blankets and pillows on bed of trampoline to make comfy.
  7. String christmas lights around top of mosquito net for ambiance.
  8. Add any other personal touches like stuffed animals or your favorite body pillow to make the space your own.

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