Orly’s cute and creative DIY Wine Coats are perfect for dressing up a hostess gift.


  • Wine bottle
  • Desired fabric
  • Fabric scissors


  • Broaches
  • Pearls
  • Buttons


  • Soft tape measure


1. Choose fabric and decorative accoutrements that resemble the person you’re gifting this to.

2. Now you need to create the body of the coat. You can roll the bottle onto the fabric and cut around it or measure the bottle with a soft tape measure and cut to size with a generous overlap. Leave the fabric a few inches taller than the curve of the neck of the bottle for the collar.

3. Use hot glue to attach the fabric to the bottle with an overlap. The overlap should be centered, not the seam.

4. Add any decorative elements to the coat you desire, remember to have fun making it resemble the recipient. Use hot glue to secure.

5. Give to friends, family or coworkers and let them enjoy!

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