The Millennial Mamas are making stylish welcome mats for fall.
DIY Welcome Fall Mats
Painting, Home Decor
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Materials for Checkered Mat

  • Craftsmart Outdoor Acrylic Paint in Black, White and Gray
  • Acrylic or hard bristle Brush
  • Painters Tape
  • Coir Mat
  • Vinyl Stencil paper
  • X-acto Knife

Materials for Herringbone Mat

  • Door Mat
  • Painters tape
  • Spray Paint or outdoor acrylic paint
  • Vinyl stencil paper
  • X-acto knife

Directions for Checkered Mats

  1. Tape off Border that is 3 inches from the edge of the Coir mat
  2. Print out Desired Font and Motto
  3. Adhere it to the Vinyl Stencil Paper and Trace it
  4. Cut it out
  5. Attach it sticky side down to the Coir Mat as desired (we are centering it)
  6. Use black paint to fill it in.
  7. While waiting for it to dry begin painting the buffalo check border
  8. Start with white all over the border
  9. Then tape off 3 inch squares
  10. Start with white as your base color
  11. Wait to dry
  12. Then paint gray squares
  13. Wait to dry
  14. Add in Black squares

Directions for Herringbone Mat

1. Set your “Happy Fall Ya’ll” stencil centered in the mat or whatever motto you prefer
2. Color in with black paint
3. Then time for your herringbone border
4. Lay down a painter’s tape line down the middle & then spaced out from the sides you will create angled down lines from the middle line
5. Go in a spray paint between the lines. However, if you are doing this indoor use acrylic paint.

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