Orly Shani is showing you a creative way to display your wedding veil in a frame.


  • Veil
  • Photo
  • Foam Core
  • Decorative Pins
  • Picture Frame/Shadow Box
DIY Wedding Veil Display - Home & Family


1. Print out photo to fit your frame.

2. Cut foam core to fit photo.

3. Glue photo to foam core.

4. Lay out veil over photo. (Tip: Look at your photo and see where the focus is. Condense the veil in the area not in focus, then spread out a thin layer over where the focus of the photo is)

5. Carefully pin the veil in place.

6. Place in frame.

Instructions for Shadow Box

1. Secure the veil in place against foam core using decorative pins.

2. Place photo in frame and place in shadow box. Secure photo using TBD.

3. Place any other sentimental piece from your wedding you would like to display and secure using TBD.

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