Paige Hemmis is getting you ready for your wedding with this beautiful and creative DIY.

Materials for Wedding Ribbon Send-Offs

  • Ribbon in your favorite colors (Variety of color, with cream under each color)
  • Craft dowels 12” long by ¼” diameter
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Self-adhesive rhinestones in strips
  • ½” mini jingle bells
  • Either galvanized buckets or another cute method of displaying these
  • Fabric scissors

Materials for Birdseed

  • Cylindrical test tubes with cork tops
  • Colorful birdseed
  • Funnel (or make one out of paper)
  • Labels to make a sign that says “Toss me” or “Shower me” to stick onto the test tubes.
  • Ribbon ¼” or smaller width

Materials for Sparklers

  • Brown craft paper cardstock
  • Rough-grit sand paper – 1 sheet (can use 60 grit)
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Stickers that are printable
  • Hole punch
  • Small wood matches
  • Sparklers
DIY Wedding Send Offs - Home & Family

Directions for Ribbon Send-Offs

1. Take one of the colored ribbons with one cream ribbon and measure 18”-24” long and cut using fabric scissors.

2. Attach the two ribbons with hot glue at the end of the dowel. You only need to make one full rotation around the dowel to secure the ribbon.

3. Take the rhinestone strip and wrap it around the ribbon at the top of the dowel. If you have trouble with the self-adhesive not sticking, add a bit of hot glue.

4. Take the hot glue and attach the mini jingle bell to the stop of the dowel.

5. Complete this process with all colors of ribbon that you have.

6. Put all of your Wedding Ribbons in a cute display case, and enjoy your gorgeous ribbon send off!

Directions for Birdseed

1. Fill tubes using a funnel. Leave about ½” at the top.

2. Replace the cork stopper once birdseed is in the tube.

3. Create stickers with directions of what to do! Add these stickers to each tube.

4. Tie a ribbon around the top and secure with a knot.

Put all of your tubes in a cute display and enjoy your fun birdseed send-off!

Directions for Sparklers

1. Cut your craft paper cardstock into 3”x3” squares.

2. Punch holes in the top and bottom middle of the square.

3. Add your sticker in the top right corner of the square.

4. On the left side of the square, use your washi tape to secure one match.

5. Cut strips of the sand paper to fit across the bottom of the square.

6. Secure the sandpaper to the square using double sided tape.

7. Add each sign to a sparkler, going through one hole at the bottom with the square on the front side and holes on the backside, then go through the top hole.

8. Set your sparklers up in a cute display for your guests and enjoy a very electric and bright send-off!

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