Maria Provenzano is turning an old mailbox into a wedding decoration.
DIY Wedding Mailbox
Wedding Decor


  • Crates; amount will depend on how tall you would like the mailbox to be
  • Wood glue
  • Mailbox
  • Spray paint
  • Faux flowers
  • Detailing of choice; stencil, vinyl lettering, etc.
  • Hot glue


  1. Spray Paint the crates in any color you like; they can also be painted with regular acrylic paint
  2. Once the crates are dry, glue them together with wood glue to create the base of the mail box
  3. Spray paint the mailbox in the desired color(s); allow to dry
  4. Glue on fake flowers; you can cover as much of the mailbox as you like
  5. Add on any detailing to the side; such as a vinyl “happily ever after” or a stencil with a similar saying
  6. Create a sign on the mailbox flag that says gift cards; this can be done freehand; with a stencil; or a printed out piece of paper with the writing “gift cards” on it or “love notes
  7. Another option is to have a frame next to the mailbox with the sign “gift cards” or “love notes”
  8. Attach the mailbox onto the top of the stand made with the crates; secure with glue for safety
  9. Decorate the inside of the crates with detailing like frames with pictures, flowers, family heirlooms, etc.


  1. Have items in the bottom crate that are heavy, to weight it down for safety
  2. Real flowers could be used on the day of the wedding; ask your florist for the best way to incorporate them into the decorations
  3. Use any colors you like to go with the theme of the wedding
  4. Place the mailbox where your guests get their name places for seating; this is the easiest way for them to find it
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