Lifestyle expert Sabrina Soto is getting your hangers photograph-ready for the big day.
DIY Wedding Hangers
Wedding Decor


Sequin Hangers

  • Hot Glue
  • Wood Hangers
  • Sequin Trim
  • Hair dryer

Painted and Personalized Hangers

  • Wood Hangers
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paint pen
  • Sealer or clear coat

Tattoo Hangers

  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Scissors
  • Wood hangers
  • Sponge
  • Towel
  • Mod podge


Sequin Hangers

  1. Start at the very end/edge of your hanger. Dab a bit of glue, place the trim over and hold until dry.
  2. Begin wrapping the trim tightly around the hanger and glue as you go
  3. When you get to the end, tuck in the trim similar to how you started the project
  4. Use a hair dryer to blow away the hot glue strings
  5. Add a bow to finish it off

Painted and Personalized Hanger

  1. Using unfinished wood hangers, paint the hangers with your desired color
  2. Let it dry, then paint the trim/edges
  3. Use a paint pen to personalize or customize the hanger, you can use a stencil instead if you prefer
  4. Let it dry, then add a sealer or clear coat
  5. Wait 24 hrs before using the hanger just to be safe

Tattoo Hangers

  1. Use scissors to cut your tattoo to the appropriate size for your hanger
  2. Peel off the plastic and lay the tattoo face down on your hanger
  3. Using a damp sponge, press on the tattoo for 30 seconds
  4. Carefully peel the paper
  5. If needed, dab off any excess water with a towel
  6. Let it dry
  7. Seal the design by using mod podge
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