A beautiful addition to any wedding.


  • Fishing line
  • 20 Silk flowers
  • 4-inch Carpentry needle


1.     You’ll need about 20 silk flowers for each 10-foot floral drape.

2.     Separate the head of the flower from the stem. Most flowers should pop right off.

3.     Pinch one side of the flower and harpoon the top of the petals with the needle.

4.     Tie the strand off using a simple pretzel knot.

5.     You’ll repeat these steps, attaching a flower every 6 inches down the length of the 10-foot strand of fishing line.

6.     Make as many of these strands as you need and hang them about 6 inches apart.

7.     The pretzel knot allows the flower’s placement to be moved along the fishing line, while still staying in place. The flowers will look like they are floating in mid-air.

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