Get tips for making a beautiful DIY Wedding Bouquet!

A special thank you to Amy Marella and Fleurish for providing the flowers for the bouquets for Paige’s wedding. Cut your bouquet costs in half with Fleurish Design-It-Yourself Kits and more from Fleurish, go to

Popular Types of Wedding Bouquets:

A. Nosegay – A compact cluster of flowers, wrapped tight and cut to one uniform length.

B. Pompander (Pom-And-Er) – A flower ball shape tied with a ribbon (great for flower girls)

C. Cascade - A waterfall-like “spill” of blooms either anchored in a holder or hand-tied.

D. Composite – Made up of different petals or buds wired together on a single stem.

Amy's tips for making your own bouquet:

  1. Separate your different types of flowers. For example, group your roses with roses, peonies with peonies, etc.
  2. “Process” your flowers by removing any thorns or excess leaves. You want a bare stem.
  3. Chose your “base” flower – This will be the main type of flower, or bunch of flowers, that you will make the center of your bouquet. You will build your bouquet around this flower.
  4. You will then place your other flowers around your base. Keep turning your bouquet as you add flowers to avoid clumping too many of the same flower in one place, as well as to avoid an uneven amount of flowers in general in one place.
  5. When you finish adding your flowers, bind them together with “Chenille Stems”. “Chenille Stems” are long, green pipe cleaners.
  6. You will then cut the stems in a straight, blunt line, making the stems lengths even.
  7. Wrap the stems in ribbon, starting from the bottom working up to the petals. You can cover the bottom of the stems completely, or leave a little bit of the stems showing.
  8. Tuck the end of the ribbon under the second pass of the ribbon as you twist it around the stems. Continue wrapping tightly, slightly overlapping layers.
  9. If you are having trouble keeping the stems together, consider taping them together first with floral tape and then covering that with ribbon.
  10. Cover the chenille once you get to the top.
  11. Secure the ribbon at the top with a boutonniere pin.
  12. Experiment with different kinds of knots and bows to embellish your bouquet. You can even add jewels or pendants.
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