Ken Wingard is showing you how to save money by making your own arbor.


  • Three Embroidery Hoops
  • Hot Glue
  • Artificial Flowers and Greenery
  • Rope
  • Tobacco Cloth (Double the height of your space + the width of your space + 8 ft for extra)
DIY Wedding Arbor- Home & Family


1. Decorate your embroidery hoop as you’d like to. I like the look of a raw wooden hoop, so I left mine as it was and created my flower design over the hoop screw. You can wrap yours in silk, or twine, whatever your desired look.

2. Glue your flower design onto your hoop. Ours is more simplistic and is weighted on one side of the hoop with flowers.

3. Use two pieces of rope on each hoop to keep them facing in the correct direction. Hang them from your location first. Leave enough distance between the hoops to create the space for the arbor.

4. Thread the cloth through all three hoops, leaving enough between each one to create a scallop draping down. Evenly hang cloth from the two outside rings - you want this to reach all the way to the ground to bunch the same on both sides.

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