Orly Shani is getting you ready for summertime with this festive and colorful east-to-do DIY for your towels.


  • White, 100% cotton towel
  • Bucket (2)
  • Stirring stick
  • dye (red and green)
  • water
  • fabric paint (black)
  • foam core
  • paint roller
  • scissors
DIY Tie-Dye Watermelon Towels - Home & Family


1. Put red dye and water in a bucket

2. Dip ¾ of the towel into the red dye and hang to dry

3. Put green dye and water in a bucket

4. Dip ¼ of the towel into the light green dye

5. Add more dye to make the green darker

6. Dip the last few inches of the green part of the towel in the dark green dye. This will give it
the tie-dye effect

7. Wash towel

8. Make a seed stamp using foam core

9. Layer three cut out seed foam cores on top of each other and attach to a slab of wood

10. Apply paint to stamp and use on towel

11. Heat set seeds so that the paint does not peel off

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