Paige Hemmis has a fun DIY that allows you to store your vinyl records the safe way.


  • Vinyl records in their cardboard sleeves
  • Vinyl records that are throw away – don’t need to be in great condition
  • 4 craft dowels at 7/8” diameter at 36” long
  • 2 craft dowels at 3/4” diameter at 36” long
  • 2 yards of vinyl fabric (friend to the animals for Olivia…and vinyl just fits the theme!)
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric studs (pack of 48)
  • Screw gun
  • Screws
  • Washers

DIY Vinyl Record Storage - Home & Family


1. Take two of your vinyl records that you don’t mind ruining (ahhh – I know it’s hard!).

2. Mark on the inside of both records where you will put your center supports. You will be using 4 center supports on the bottom half of the record.

3. Drill a hole (just a tiny bit bigger that your screw) into both records (you should have eight holes total)

4. Pre-drill a small hole in both ends of your ¾ dowel.

5. Place the pre-drilled end of the dowel up to the hole on the inside of the record.

6. Take a washer and place a screw through it on the outside of the record, and screw into place.

7. Repeat this on the three other dowels on the one record, then do the same on the other record.

8. OPTIONAL: I will be using a faux vinyl material to make this look a little nicer. Take the vinyl material and cut it to the size you will need to wrap around the bottom of your structure. Leave an extra 2” on the top that you will use to wrap around your top dowels.

9. Take your studs and secure the fabric around the dowels to secure into place.

10. On one or both sides, create a little pocket out of the fabric to hold cd’s/dvd’s.

11. Fill your holder and enjoy your vinyl records!

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