• • 1 x 4 ft wood (preferably poplar)
  • • Casters (4)
  • • Wood glue
  • • Wood screws
  • • Nails
  • • Saw
  • • Screw gun
  • • Tape measure
  • • Felt padding
  • • TV
  1. Make the easel base. You start off by creating two "feet". Each foot is a length of wood layed flat with a second piece glued and nailed across it vertically along the center. Both "feet" are secured together by two equal lengths of wood on either end.
  2. Attaching the main support posts. On each "foot" base, glue and screw a 6' length vertically. Secure the supports together with two lengths of wood across the top and bottom.
  3. Creating the support for the tv shelf brackets. On center between the main support posts, glue and nail two 1"x 2" wood lengths with a ½" gap inbetween them. The gap creates the groove the shelf bracket can slide along to adjust height for the tv.
  4. Creating the tv shelf/brackets. Glue and nail length of wood into an "L" shape. The bottom support taking the weight will be wider than the frame. The top one is just a clamp, so mimicking art easels only a few inches wide. Trim each bracket with a 1"x1" strip to create a lip to keep the TV from slipping of.
  5. We've fixed our tv at a height we like, so we glued and nailed the bottom shelf in place. Keep the top bracket flexible to accommodate any sized TV height. To do this it's threaded with a bolt through the gap in the center supports. It can slide up and down and secured tighting the bolt.

All items and tools for this project are available at any basic hardware store. Entire project costs $80, not including the television.

DIY Vintage TV Art Easel with Mark

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