Owner of Wilderotter Vineyard Maggie Wilderotter is making a tablescape with wine bottles, corks and candles.

DIY Vineyard Inspired Wedding Tablescape - Home & Family

Vineyard Inspired Tablescape Tips:

-Take a wine bottle and add sand to it. Add the cork back to the bottle and stick a wire/place card holder through the cork. Use this to hold up your table numbers!

-Cut a cork width-wise into sections. Burn or paint the initials of the couple into the pieces. Glue these pieces to a grape vine and wrap it around the napkins.

-Leave corks and vases at each table with markers and pens. Have the guests add a small note and their name on the cork and leave in the vases. This can be saved for years in your own home!

-Tie a candle with beautiful ribbon/flowers around the bowl for a great effect at gift table or dessert table

-“The Chirpy” - When used on a water bottle, the ‘chirping’ sound could signify that the toasts, or announcements are going to begin; also a good souvenir that comes in a variety of colors!

-Add sunglasses for fun! Maybe the couples’ future is so bright, they need shades! Especially great for outdoor events.

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