DIY Victorian-Inspired Holiday Terrarium

A DIY from Shirley Bovshow


  • Bird feeders
  • Clock
  • LED string lights
  • Tea lights
  • Tray for base
  • Flocking spray
  • Snow blanket
  • Plants with liners
  • Moss
  • Succulent cuttings
  • Bling and decor
  • Wire cutters


1. Start with tray or base
2. Remove Doors and latches from cage
3. Arrange all pieces in place on base
4. Position clock on top of crate
5. Spray with white flocking; let dry
6. Add snow blanket to bottom of crate
7. String battery operated LED lights on crate
8. Plant mini terrarium with succulent cuttings
9. Complete planting mini terrariums
10. Add vines and other decorative plants
11. Nestle tea lights into snow blanket in random spots 12. Hang crystals, ornaments or other decorations
13. Add final touches of “faux snow”

VIctorian-Inspired Holiday Terrarium - Home & Family

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